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Plant of the Month | November 16, 2015

Plant of the Month: Mexican Feathergrass

mexican-feathergrassMexican Feathergrass is an attractive, ornamental landscape plant, native to West Texas and other parts of the American Southwest and northern Mexico. Interestingly, it is also found in Argentina and Chile with no native populations between the two ranges. In its native habitat it’s found in open woods on rocky flats and slopes in well drained soils.

Mexican Feathergrass forms soft bunches, about 1′ to 2′ tall. It makes an interesting, low growing landscape plant, either singly as an accent, or when planted in groupings. The soft grass blades move in the wind, creating an attractive effect. It prefers full sun but tolerates part shade.

Good drainage is a must, and it will rot if given too much water. Like many native grasses, it will go dormant during summer droughts and during the winter, turning a warm golden color.

Mexican Feathergrass will reseed in good conditions. The seedlings can be easily removed or transplanted. If desired, dead leaves can be cut back in mid winter, although this is not necessary. It is highly deer resistant.

Note: Mexican Feathergrass is a NPSOT NICE! selection for Summer, 2015.


Text by John Siemssen. Photo by Sally and Andy Wasowski, Wildflower Center.
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