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Plants & Supplies

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We have a variety of Garden.Ville organic products, including fertilizers, soils, mulches, insecticide and more, as well as Bobbex Deer repellent.


Perennials, Groundcovers, & Vines

Ferns / Tropicals

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Also: Foxtail Fern, Plumosa Fern, River Fern,  Sprengeri Fern, Wavy Cloak Fern


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Also: Aztec Grass, Deer Muhly Grass, Dwf. Miscanthus Grass ‘Adagio’, Dwf. Miscanthus Grass ‘Little Kitten’, Dwf. Miscanthus Grass ‘Yaku Jima’, Gulf Muhly Grass, Inland Sea Oats, Lindheimer Grass, Love Grass, Miscanthus Grass ‘Maiden Hair’, Miscanthus Grass ‘Variegated’, Monkey Grass ‘Dwarf’, Monkey Grass ‘Regular’, Pampas Grass, Pampas Grass ‘Dwarf’, Purple Fountain Grass
Stipa Grass, Stipa Grass ‘Neo-mexicana’, Umbrella Grass ‘Regular’


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Also: Agave “Baccarat”,  Agave “Blue Haze”,  Agave “Calamari”,  Agave “Celecii”, Agave “Cowhorn”, Agave “Cream Spike”, Agave “Fatal Attraction”, Agave “Lechugilla”, Agave “Leopoldi”, Agave “Marginata”, Agave “Ochoa Blue”, Agave “Parryi”, Agave “Porcupine”, Agave “Variegated Americana”, Agave “Verde”, Cactus “Cholla”, Cactus “Cinnamon Dot”, Cactus “Fish Hook”, Cactus “Golden Barrel”, Cactus “Prickly Pear”, Cactus “Santarita”, Cactus “Smolly”, Cactus “Spineless”, Nolina Grass, “Constrica”, “Lineafolia”, “Nana”, “Red”, “Soft-leaf”


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Also: Abelia, Agarita, Aralia, Barberry “Pygmy & Rosie Glow”, Bottlebrush “Dwarf”, Bottlebrush “Regular”, Boxwood, Cottoneaster, Dwarf Yaupon Holly, Elaeagnus, Euryops Daisy, Gardenia “Dwarf”, Germander “Dwf. Green”, Germander “Silver”, Gold Dust Acuba, Hypericum, Jerusalem Sage, Loropetalum, Mahonia, Mexican Bird of Paradise,  “Compacta”, Nandina “Gulf Stream”, Nandina “Dwf. Nana”, Oleander “Hardy Red “, Oleander “Special Red”, Philodendron “Split-leaf/Zanadu”, Photinia, Pineapple Guava, Pride of Barbados, Primrose Jasmine, Pyracantha, Rose “Knockout”, Rose “Lady Banksia”, Rose “Nacogdoches Yellow”, Rose “Martha Gonzales”, Rose “Mutabolis”, Sage “Compact”, Sage “Green Cloud”, Southern Waxmyrtle “Dwarf”, Spirea, Variegated Privett, Viburnum “Awabuki”, Viburnum “Odoratissimum”, Viburnum “Suspensum”, Ligustrum, Wisteria “Chinese”, Wisteria “Evergreen”


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Also: Acacia “Purple-tinge”,  Orchid, Arizona Cypress, Banana, Bur Oak, Cedar Elm, Common Tree Senna, Cherry Laurel, Chinese Pistache, Chinquapin Oak, Crape Myrtle “Basham’s Party Pink”, Crape Myrtle “Catabwa-Purple”,  Myrtle “Dynamite”, Crape Myrtle “Natchez White”, Crape Myrtle “Red Rocket”, Crape Myrtle “Tuscarora”, Desert Willow, Fruit Trees, Italian Cypress,  Blueberry Tree,  Yew, Lacebark Elm, Lemon “Meyers”, Live Oak, Mexican Buckeye, Mexican Redbud, Monterey Oak, Olive “European”, Olive “Mexican”, Orange “Satsuma”, Pomegranate “Double-blooming”, Pomegranate “Regular”, Sumac, Red Buckeye, Retama, Tx. Redbud, Red Oak, Vitex, Waxmrytle


California Fan Palm, Mediterranean Fan Palm, Sago Palm, Windmill Palm

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